How we educate our children

How we educate our children


How to educate our children is the focus of every pushy parent problem, primary school Tip: primary education for the new students pay attention to foster good habits than good marks in the exam.


Shijiazhuang Yuhua road primary school Deputy head Guo Xingmin said parents habits replace, do not pay attention to foster a sense of ownership and the habit of doing things; and parents spoiled, pampered children, instead of the kids homework and so on. These children are likely to rely on. Independent study is one of the mostsuccessful education, children in learning to learn, take exercise and growth in practice is the most important.


Guo Xingmin said first grade children to focus on developing good habits and on the code of conduct, good habits will affect life. Parents as their children‘s first teachers to children to have hard-working qualities to overcome the ills of child self-centeredness. Parents with her good habits and imperceptible influence on his children, sothat children learn from. Parents habits must not show in front of the children, lay the Foundation for shaping the child a good image. Good habits developed a learningnaturally good.


Parents of young children to reminders, supervision, inspection, is a way to foster good habits. Guo Xingmin remind children every day after school, parents should pay attention to children there is no shift in mood, view baby bag with or withoutknives, sticks, lighters and other dangerous products. In addition, you should also ask the child school learning, training child care group and others, training of its observation, memory and communication skills. Parents should also educate children ownsuitcase bag per night, and ready for the next day with school supplies.


Guo Xingmin recommends that parents from the deep abandoned score first thinking, and mining potential children, develop interests and hobbies to encourage itsregular participation in various activities. Meanwhile, to encourage children‘s emotional development, children learn to love, love their parents, love, class, love of community, love of country, learning to get along with people. Children can withstand thesetbacks and difficulties do not shrink from will, so that child health and overall development.


In addition, the family still echo the school education agreement. Parents should communicate with teacher, maintained the prestige of the teacher among the students. Teacher management irregularities in the student to put forth their views and recommendations,
 must not be in front of the children to be angry with the teacher impulses, have adverse effects on children.

Dreams make us fly high

In addition to learning, or learning, life is no fun at all. If light is life itself, if the future is so dull, I would rather pass 70 tomorrow
This is my daughter, a former junior girls.
I can’t bear to see when she said it looked empty, helpless, confused.
I believe that such expression is not her, look on the faces of many of their peers are with her ~ rut.
At that time, the whole grade of students fight for senior high school entrance examination, she daily addicted to online games.
All results remain in the middle. No parents will children willingly meet at this level.Do your best will never be satisfied with the status quo, but to challenge the status quo. Of course she does not agree with our views. She was, they have tried. Also said that if the student equal to school, so she was destined for our disappointment.
In fact, we look forward to is not only famous for her. We just hope she can understand many of the key moments of life, she would have to cheer up, courage and hard work! many critical juncture of life, she had to use the sky dream of propping up their own.
Later, we arranged for her to go to the yuedongshanqu mountain of child poverty status and eager eyes to wake her sleeping dream, her long numbness of mind at that moment was a great shock.
I want to give their own dull life injected a dose of dreams Later, she wrote in the essay to the eye. Materials if you want to fly higher, and you must stand high. Foot of the mountain, you can see is your own foot
Dream daughter instantly grew up.

Love learn children

Love learn children


Joe fell in love with back of Tang poetry, listen to my father every day tomemorize Tang. Dad‘s poems should be more, but they say it has been hollowedout. I was with her when she got back, and I can think of is perhaps theprimary school textbooks that appeared on Joe only likes the home book,others do not want to hear. Dad back, qilv, seven-syllable quatrains,she would have listened enough. Every night before I go to bed, my dad readthe dry mouth and sore arms because not only back, write with your index finger on the back. Generally me sleeping with her, when I put my poems areback again after she requested a substitution.


Interest is the best teacher, interested in learning is fast, say one or two, she remembered about it. Now ready to intentionally mix with different verses says, and mix very wide of the mark, and then laughed. For example,they sing, they drain their cups of jade, they strum on horseback their guitars. Drop 3,000 feet, ringing for me, here in my boat, the midnight Bell, Joe’s dad and I laughed until tears came out, she was very proud.


I drink coffee, Joe connect should be courtyards between the teeth marks ofmosses, small buttons too gaudy for a long time not open is probablythought of the gate. And then explained, my father is too gaudy, I was alittle button.
I bought mushrooms, she‘s going to have to eat. I say eat toxic mushrooms,Joe went on to say, an old man fishing in the cold River-snow. Sittingacross the six Princes Park to see the Moon, we asked Qiao Yueliang likewhat Joe said without thinking, Moonlight water. Time long has, I also gradually die through they Alex both of password has, original “Sun song” is looked Lushan falls, and “stars song” is Untitled, last night stars last night wind, and “Moon song” is River floor sense old, and “Lai Chi Kok song” is sushi of Huizhou a must, and “orioles song” is chuzhou West Jian……Listen girl mouth to say these terms are extremely fun.
Sometimes she would take the initiative to put together two similar poem,Joe‘s father said the boy is too suitable for comparative literaturestudies. Like people don’t know where to go, she thought, why not askwith a smile where they come from, ? Perhaps is due to concentratedreciting, listening to you can feel out the ropes. The tomb is Tomb Sweeping Festival have rain, Joe immediately thought of some of theapricot season every rain. The title of Chengnan village of being Daddychanged its name to the song of the peach, listen to Wang LUN and the Daliwhen Joe says this is a peach blossom song of the Peach. Walking down thestreet, Joe often slip out of nowhere is in a foreign land, and then sayin the Bank‘s Lan Ling wine and wine is different from the liangzhou Word,asked her where different, Joe White said the former, which is red, nose andeye.
Remember these simple verses, we didn’t seriously, but I feel this is mytool, but walking down the street the other day, Joe riding on the fathersuddenly shouted, chaowen Wanderer sing song, early frost last nightcrossing. And the crying of the Wildgeese grieves my sad heart, bounded by agloom of cloudy mountains. I don’t understand, Dad surprised from ear toear, because the father said up to read the poem three times, didn’t thinkshe had in mind. So, Joe Daddy on the subject from the song back to thesending of weiwanzhijing, Joe was soon corrected.


Recently though there is no law, but basically kept the habit of reading.Every day before going to bed, no matter how much sleep late, are holding abook and read a few pages, I sometimes sleepy, you just read five or sixwords, she can accept. Hit once in a while to bed early, when I would readto her for about 20 minutes. Keen to read the color baby story these days,with some stories that I‘ve never read, she can read them, understandindividual words in the Middle, I remind you can read, it seems really knowa lot of Chinese characters.
And they have different is that used to like listening to a story over and over again, whether now memorize Tang, or listen to the story, don’t repeatit. I just opened the book, when she saw the problem, he said this has readmy mother read to me a new story.


Dad wanted to count it, Qiao Hui back how many poems, muttering in papersget on with it. Joe remind dad, there are juvenile upstairs listening tothe rain song, Daddy you quickly write it down.


Joe‘s passion for qiaohu discs plummeted, although every time I see also isvery happy, but rarely spoke of has to be seen. Likely to attract her toomuch, take a bunch of dishes. But busy when not open, I will take theinitiative to use a computer disc to show her dad sometimes get her someonline cartoon videos for a while. She recently read a few animated filmAladdin, are bilingual. Friends found him one day listening to Joe Grandmabless me, bless my dad, bless Mommy and so on, we both feel so strange,that children are talking about it, we didn’t say Yes. Asked where shesounds, she says is Aladdin.
Our bookstore the other day, Joe, pointing to the lights on the ceiling, Joesuddenly, OLD LAMP AND NEW LAMP”, asked what she said, she cried out oldlights for new lamps, Aladdin is saying. Sometimes she tells me, Aladdin‘smagic, how really ought to look at with her a rain check, or have nothing incommon.


Tell her what seaweed and bread in Korean said, when it was two things toeat, she is, this is the Nori, said KIM. This is the bread, can also besaid that bread or bang (Korean pronunciation).


I love to learn, actually I should say curiosity. Her love for Aladdin, andperhaps no different from love of blowing bubbles. Her fascination with theTang dynasty, perhaps just and love rocking cradles or smart staring areason. But I thought that blowing bubbles is fun, is learning to memorizeTang said English, in her own opinion, maybe just a fun game.

Children, where are your interests?

Children, where are your interests?


This semester, I was also thinking and exploring the language class inprimary school effective teaching problem. How effective, I found in theawareness and learning, thinking and practice: preparation is the key.Preparing teaching materials and to correctly interpret the text, miningtext value to students, according to the students ‘ characteristics,reflecting the main position of students; to combine text and students,explaining, teaching objectives, dealing with problems, design ideas,arrange teaching, used teaching methods. So as to ensure the teaching of andideas effective, classroom questions effectively, design effective teachingand teaching methods used effectively. In addition, the class is extremelyimportant, emotional, explain, guide, teacher reviews are effective.Recently Lin of the great flood after the coach, a class, I had a newunderstanding of effective teaching.


In Lin Hong coach, beaten with a stick, two hours of teaching, has threepoints out of my expectation, it makes me wonder:


Teaching for the first section. Preparing for lessons I think: this section is the beginning of the story. The Lin Hong coach, beaten with a stick this text was the interception of the 8th back to rewrite some of the outlaws, this beginning is incomplete, leaving a lot of suspense, students will have a lot of questions. Intense curiosity pushes them to find books to read, you will understand the background to the story. So, for the teaching of the first I designed into two parts: 1, read a story, what questions are you? 2And who can answer these questions? I am very happy with this design: questions from the students, and then returned to the students to, this is the subject position of students into full play, let the students masters of learning. Class, the students are interested in first, as I thought the issues raised: why Gao Taiwei to frame Lin Chong? How to frame Lin Chong? Was exiled to Cangzhou, why the two police escort to Lin wood into it? “Who can answer these questions? “Sure enough, some people read the books, there are a few hands went up, some answers why Gao Taiwei to frame Lin Chong, said Gao Taiwei is how to frame Lin Chong, some people not satisfied with the introduction, added some. After all, only one of them vaguely said “why the two police escort to Lin wood into the village? “Limited time of 40 minutes, I had to tell a smaller story telling them the answer to this question. In a few minutes, the classroom was silent, eyes bright, each bunch of eyes focused on my mouth opening and closing. I did not expect, they should listen to so with relish, in high spirits. Outlaws of the Marsh is their must read, they read the books, know that! What is like the first time, there is so much interest? Strange?


Feeling “big boss” and “Lin” these two characters. I read the text, taking into account two aspects: 1) Lin is the protagonist, coach hung is a supporting role, emphasis should be placed on “Lin” mastery of it. These two characters in sharp contrast, comparison with the coach hung a negative image can express a “Lin” and Lin’s image perception and understanding of “big boss” experience. 2) outlaws this novel’s biggest success is that the shape of the characters personality, vivid, accurate, concise language. Lin Hong coach, beating the story fully embodies these characteristics through description depicts the characters of the language, action, and this is student work very good models it can effectively read and write with. Thus, understanding reading me first class recognition of English words, “big boss”, and the second class awareness “Lin” or law practice. Feeling to two characters, design the same three steps: 1, drawn description of flood coach (Lin) statement. A reading, marking their feelings. 2, Exchange: you see it in these words hung coach (Lin) is a kind of person? 3, For students to understand key words camera coaching and guiding experience. Student exchanges for “big boss” when heated and scrambling detailed analysis and attribution of refined accurate, reading musical, performing perfectly, fully aware of the “big boss” features: rude, self-righteous, arrogant, conceited, narrow-minded, and aggressive. (All from the mouth of students), and guided my preset some timely inspiration links and questions have become redundant, many of them do not come in handy, a lesson somehow relaxed and happy after the students have fun. With first class of “big boss” of experience and achievements, I confidently expect: Lin this hero, 800,000 Tokyo garrison Manager, that sound alone wit, strength, such as martial arts, agility and skill does not know how many “fans”, and in the hearts of the students, eyes, mouth still does not know how exciting is it? I rushed into the classroom, contrary to what I expected, all calm, “big boss” when passion, spirit, wisdom is greatly reduced. I keep motivating, coaching, and also achieved the expected goals met Lin, way to learn writing, read and write with the writing, but from a class effect, “Lin” is lost to “big boss”. I did not expect, student interest than treatment of flood coach Lin! If you design such a title: Lin and hung head coach, who is your favorite? Sure to get full answer in unison: Lin. Answers to why the classroom is very different then? Strange?


AC: you describe “Lin” in these words, see Lin is what kind of people? According to usually of training and always similar link of teaching experience, I without to think: we class of students certainly will by text described of has order step Exchange sentiment, from “met” see courtesy has ceremony, to “contest prepared” see modest patient, again to “began contest” see wit smart, last to “contest Shi” see calm wit, and martial arts high strength, and live. With this understanding, I design step by step coaching questions, organized links, courseware. Into the classroom, issues a throw, “Swish, Swish, Swish” put up a lot of little hands. I thought: the first students had to take a lead role model, don’t let them say biased, said. Put up little hands after visiting the round quickly, I have chosen to speak extremely organized, expressing full fluency in Tan Hao students to talk about it. He stood up, and you’ll find the first sentence to say a bunch of blah blah, it’s wonderful. I am very pleased, the child didn’t read wrong, he will live up to expectations. Look him up, I was about to praise him heavily, but I haven’t exported, he also talked with rattle. My God! He said the last sentence “Lin although he is aggressive, but the pace has, then swung great sweep, that great sweep directly on his leg bone. “On, and say more logically. Although a bit unexpected, but I was calm, his timely recognition and inspiration on the first “Lin wonder workhand said his coach, presumably master of Chai da people, quickly stand up and bend the salute. “And guided the other students to supplement exchanges. I believe that with this guideAnd suggested that students behind when you come to exchange experience on the following sentence, with good habits they will step on the second, third … … A classmate stood up, I am filled with anticipation, waiting for him to say the second, “I also see Lin is a martial arts man…….” Oh, he also said one of the last to go, well, what should I do, I’m a little anxious: limited time 40 minutes, how to order, any say, and so on, back links link up. “This is the last we will say it again, right in front of first! “In desperation, I simply make the request. A classmate stood up again, “I think Lin is a smart man, I” Lin see him…… “Oh, is the last one. “Tell me something about the preceding sentence? “My heart panicked to find a clever classmates,” Lin was very kind, flood and coach for him as a vicious, he gently sweeps his……. ” I was completely disappointed, forced to produce the second-“Lin said: ‘ dare, dare. ’”。 Pull back their experience. I did not expect they would break, and even harder to believe usually trained, smart smart they should to understand tips, requests, and “single-minded” persistence phenomenon. Strange?


After class, I think these three strange problems, suddenly discovered thatall doubts that there is only one solution interesting.


First doubts I picked up their hands must be read by the children’s versionof water margin, turns to eighth, came: original children’s version arecompressed Whittle, Lin Hong boss only a brief passage, beaten with a stick,why the two police escort to Lin wood into this episode was removed. In addition to one or two children read the original work, that no one knowstwo of police escorting Lin Chong to the wood into reason. Children fromtheir answers could not be found in the book, piled up curiosity arousedstrong interest, all hopes are pinned on me, but whichever way I describedthe episode, they would cheerfully listened. Because of that there is nodoubt the answer is their point of interest.


The second doubt, I reflected to the teachers of the same grade group, did not expect the child heart have four class, has the same situation thebig boss. All analysis, reached these conclusions: 1) Hung boss more clearand direct, individual characteristics at a glance, students can easilycomprehend and grasp, view confident about yourself, communicate withothers, feel desire. 2) Hung boss flawed, despised for his children,children consciously standing in a highly revealing him, accusing him,mocking it, there is a sense of achievement, self-confidence, so to speaklogically. It turned out that children were big boss interested in theclassroom warm, fluent and smooth, the results are obvious, not fail to make a distinction between right and wrong is like, but because it bringsconfidence about the success of their points of interest.


Third confusion in the class, I‘ll answer. Awesome is the main contenttext, described as excellent, while only three rounds, but fighting actionand vivid and accurate, in back and forth moves, coach hung and Lin formed asharp contrast: an aggressive, a buckled, a rash, a wit, a martial arts, anunsuspecting is really wonderful. Lively children will naturally becaptivated, so single-minded on thinking about it, while other segments,straight, not pull back, such delocalised phenomenon, not just because thiswonderful is their interest in the text some?.


Children, ye points of interest in these places! Points of interest you somuch, your interest is easily excited, just find your point of interest, andyou communicate together, talk, study them, you can then easily releasesyour enthusiasm and wisdom! Teacher will bring so many surprises and happy!Will make the class fun! This is not effective teaching?


Einstein said: interest is the best teacher. Shakespeare said, must be inline with their own interests, stand to benefit. Professor Yang Chen-Ningsaid: the secret of success lies in interest. Yes, when the child‘sinterest was aroused, and what not, what good is it? Points of interestfound students, arousing students ‘ interest in learning, which will beeffective in the classroom! Visible, said effective teaching, the first thing to do is to stimulate students ‘ interest!


Dewey said: the interest is growing ability of signal and symbol. ……Interest first appeared around the ability. Therefore, regular and carefulobservation of the child‘s interest, education is the most important. Letus listen to these statements at all times and in all, in reading the text,teaching every aspect of design, teaching methods, the implementation ofsome of their own teaching when ideas, ask yourself: my child, where areyour points of interest? Our classroom must be vibrant, fascinated. Must bevalid!


Ask yourself: my child, your interest there?

Boy, why are you studying?

Boy, why are you studying?

Boy, why are you studying

Midterm exam after class, new finished in 5 minutes, I let the studentsread. Front row opposite the desk sat a girl with short hair comb, water ina notebook what row hard. I look carefully, turned out to be a series of numbers–75,86,95 … … Better still to ADD. Clearly, her performance inestimating.
Fast rewind memory, I can see that 17 or 18 years old, combing ponytailhimself, is also a teacher in the classroom, nervously with a pen brush awaythe scores, all concerns about the position in my heart. You see how similarwe have it?
At that time, we have a test every month. All through high school for threeyears, feeling like a sine curve with the exam day, up and down. Once thetest is over, immersing himself in the position to bring themselves when insorrow or joy, the next test comes again. For me, exam is flood, beast, andhe fought again and again, my strength is getting weaker, less and lessconfidencethe University entrance exam, did worst once became a high school for three years.
Eventually I became a high school teacher and trade identity, or on campus.And students aged 17 or 18 forever, let me always remember yourself, examineyourself. 1.1 point to understand the meaning of the exam. Like an exambefore the student said: our high school to go through several test, thinkit a very important issue. Stage aims not only to examine the most recentphase of the test results, it also has a very important role is to exerciseyour ability to sit, face the test of mentality. One exercise after anotherand eventually to full and once confidence and face the ultimate testtheUniversity entrance exam. We should not be afraid of the stage examination,do not be afraid in stage examinations of any problems. Only to find out theproblem, can in time to deal with it before the college entrance examination. Students not to be afraid of the usually very hard exam, examis such a strange thing, more afraid of test well will do well. Your fearoften cause pressure on nerves, causing disorders play. Work hard at other times not enough students do not expect super long play, and we can notguarantee entrance to long when played. High their level of achievement,like smoke, confused myself, let you enjoy it and I do not know of thedanger coming. We want is the most peace of mind to get the most results, go forward one step at a time…… “
However, children, our entrance examination for what? Or rather, we work sohard for what?
If you don’t know your destination, you don’t know in which direction to go,and even easier to another location. Maybe after a long time before yourealize that this is not where I want to go to. However, time is running,and not go back.
I heartache of see all class corner now on began lost of you–some in table Qian stack up high head of books, then curled up up high of was Wo in behind see novel, cut nails, and around students talk; some simply even cover also without, table Shang only a pieces Pu have flat of uniforms, above again has a hold pillow sample of things convenient at any time down sleep. From 6:30 A.M. to 10:30, this 16 hours each lesson won’t listen, self-study courses, not knowing what to do in each section … … This day is what‘s tocompromise?
What is the reason for the curious wanted to know have lost faith in thechildren of the world, become slackers? Is because you have found theperfect world does not exist yet? You find parents ‘ practices do not necessarily, the teacher is not always the golden rule? So you graduallydecided it was a false world, started rebelling, whether parent or teacher,as long as they say, do you scorn for what you do? However, you could bemissing in the heart of the beautiful world? Children, in your heart ofhearts you are contradictory, painful.
The real physical world really has a lot of defects, almost everyone he hasresentment. However, cannot be denied is that from ancient times until today, along the long river of history, our world has been in progress.There have been efforts and contribute their efforts, change the world, makehim better and better. Children, you would do a life everlasting complaints,or is a person who tried to change the world?
Like the catcher in the rye in the wordsIf you want to learn, willing tolearn, have patience, you can learn some knowledge of your most beloved. Anintellectual is, you will find that human behavior is fear, fear and evendisgusting, you are not the first. In this regard, you are not alone, youknow will feel excited, will be encouraged. In history many people like youare doing, there is loss of time on the moral and spiritual. Fortunately,several among them his loss after recording. You can learn from them. As youhave any contributions, others can learn from you. It really is a wonderfulcycle arrangement. But this is not education. This is history. This ispoetry. …… Only educated and knowledgeable personnel are able to makegreat contribution to the world. Say of course not. But I do have to say,someone has educated and learned the wisdom and abilityit is unfortunatethat not many people like this they give to future generations than thelight has intelligence and ability of people to really valuable. Theyexpress their ideas more clearly, they usually had enthusiasm for his ideasthrough to the end. Andthe most important point nine out of ten want tomuch more than the kind of thinker without learning humility.
Also endorse became best-sellers to her son‘s words: my child, I ask thatyou read and study hard, not because I want you to others, but, I hope thatyou will have the right to choose, selecting meaningful and have time towork, rather than being forced to earn a living. When your work ismeaningful in your heart, you have a sense of accomplishment. When your workgive you time, do not deprive you of your life, you have dignity. Sense ofaccomplishment and pride, and make you happy.
People alive to have its own ideals, how old the word. But ideal instead of finding how many thousands of annual salary, live in a big house, how much money the car … … It is desire, is not ideal. Desire to bring innerpeace, end of desire is desire, it is a bottomless hole. And idealsis theway you change the world!
Human development is like a slowmoving car, someone in the car luxuryenjoyment, but luckily someone poked, see where the car was heading for.
Child, you are willing to do that kind of person?

Interest is the best teacher?

Interest is the best teacher

Interest is the best teacher?
Now the educational philosophy, with special emphasis on the role of interest to the best teacher. If we can arouse the students’ interest in the teaching process, then the students active learning, the learning process is a kind of relaxed and happy, the result is that students can easily and firmly grasp the knowledge; at the same time, the teacher will reduce the difficulty of teaching organization, relaxed happy teaching duties, complete the mission of education.
However, is that true? The answer is not necessarily.
First of all, interest is a very unstable instinct, which is particularly prominent in young people. Interest comes, do a little work or do something; interest for a while, then say nothing to move. So if you do anything to be based on a person ‘s interest, it is not a matter of reliability.
If we observe the students who learn, self disciplined, or some poor performance in school, you will find a phenomenon, that is, their behavior is often based only on their natural feelings or interests, not based on reason or discipline. If they are hungry, no matter what time and place, he must eat something; they will not care about any person or thing around, suddenly shouted or laughed, and even often appear “kissing door” such things. If you look for a similar group of people, the result is roughly the same. The so-called low quality people, their words and deeds is not only on the basis of self interest or habit, without regard to morality norms. Why these people, the reason is probably in its growth process, parents do not know how to educate their children, too many children in accordance with their own interest in self learning, self growth, the result is to create a lack of quality in all aspects of the individual, many lack of quality and the formation of the lack of quality of the community and the community.
Aside from the talent, if a person is to be in a certain industry or in the field, it is not only a matter of great uncertainty. So the ballet choreographer Barron Xian said: “I don’t think ballet dancer, I want to dance ballet people.” The implication is that the pressure of life is the best teacher.
Now look Mencius that hardships for the worst words, really feel there was another meaning: the day will fall so big people, we must first if the mind, workers of their bones, their body skin hunger, depletion of their body, it is OK Fu chaos, so as to stimulate the interest, has not. People hang off, and then be able to change; trapped in the heart, the balance of consideration, and to make; features in color, hair at the sound, then yu. In no out no learned men and advisors, foreign aggression from enemy states, wakizuz. And then know that he was born in misery, and died in peace. What is the natural interest in happiness and happiness in the country?
A scholar once told his students said such a sentence: interest is the best teacher, this is at best only in early childhood stage children listen to. For a shoulder heavy responsibilities for college students, how can only by his interest in a muddle along every day? Too wide interest, too shallow reading, can only bring people to the harvest tasted, skimming over the surface. These gains will not give you a strong support for your future career!
I think, if you read to hear that in the early days of the school to hear the teachings, certainly not so much good time to waste, life is also not so many of the loss and confusion.

Listening carefully is the first habit to learn.

Listening carefully is the first habit to learn.

Listening carefully is the first habit to learn.
According to legend, in ancient times, there was a painter, like a tiger. Once, he had painted a tiger, a friend asked him to draw a horse painter along the stroke of a pen in the head below add a horse. My friend asked him: “you draw the horse or the tiger?” the artist replied: “what, it is careless!” your friend is angry and go.
The painter hung the picture on the wall. His older child asked, “what is the picture of a father,” the artist replied, “it’s a horse.”.”
Two the child also asked him, the painter and casually replied: “it is a tiger.”
Two children then careless. One day, the big boy met a tiger, thought it was a horse, want to ride it, the result is a tiger eat; second, hit a horse, but thought it is a tiger, pull the bow will be shot dead. So, people will give artists a nickname of “careless mr.”. That is the origin of the word.
“Modern Chinese Dictionary” is such an explanation of careless: sloppy, elaborate: careless careless. In our life, “sloppy” is almost all aspects of social life. The problem of learning and careless is a common and easily overlooked problem in children’s learning and life. It is a problem that many parents and children need to solve, but they do not know how to solve it.
Some parents think that careless is wrong, as long as the child is clever, careless is a $, not what big problem, after the attention you can easily correct. But that is not the case.
In the class, the child “sloppy” performance is:
Look around, do not pay attention to the teacher, the teacher will not be absent-minded; about the contents of interest; distraction, eat hand, inattention etc..
The children in the class teacher’s experience, but also understand clearly, so that the performance of children’s learning and want to destroy the link, affect children the understanding of knowledge, but also affect the formation of children’s good psychological quality. Children in class if you can not seriously listen, but “careless” treatment, may be a direct consequence of the study is also sloppy”.
According to my observation, I feel that the differentiation of students, that is, the child is divided into learning and learning is not good, is in the classroom differentiation. Some children sit in the classroom, but in the heart in the Han, look around, do not know what the teacher make blind and disorderly conjectures, and such students will gradually decline; some students very focused, always follow the teacher, he is very easy to be a good student, outstanding achievement. So seriously listening to lectures in class is a good first step, the first habit.
Generally speaking, the teacher arranged regularly, to review the last lesson, again a new lesson, finally homework. Primary school teachers teaching content, teaching methods, is based on the characteristics of children’s age, psychological development, in accordance with the requirements of the national Ministry of education syllabus requirements to prepare. The teacher speaks slowly, the problem, especially the new curriculum content, will be repeated, repeated practice. If the child can not seriously listen in class, the teacher said the new class did not hear, understand, home and write homework will appear to do not understand, will not or do wrong. When the attention is not focused on the problem if you can not find in time, directly affect the child’s mastery of new knowledge.

“Yangcheng Evening News” published a message, I feel very interesting. A farmer trained two children into college students. The farmer ‘s culture is very low, what is he using? He said to the child: “you go to school I envy you, you go back to school, teach me, I follow you.” The farmer work, the children come back, dutifully followed the two children learning. The child has a characteristic, especially when the teacher is willing to give parents to be a good teacher, he is this, he will be good to learn ah! A lot of things just started not understand, insist for a long time, the two children develop a good habit of listening, excellent performance and stable, successfully admitted to the university.
According to our years of research found that in fact, the child is not able to listen carefully in class, often not in the study. For example, the child did not sleep well, he was restless; some children with poor relations, the old fear of the lesson who will bully him; or some children who are thinking of yesterday’s TV, or just seen the wonderful film; as well as the children may be thinking about the bag containing the novel: even some children, is a physiological problem, for example, some boys he does not solve the problem, often in the school where he can not sit, uncomfortable. So the child can not listen to the lecture in class may have a variety of reasons. I hope that parents can have a clear understanding, in order to ensure that children in class seriously listening, we need to give the child a certain requirement, provide some help. My suggestion is:
Help children to eliminate all kinds of interference. This requires that we adults to the children more care, to develop his good habits, to be full of energy, to maintain a good state. More in the lower grades more prone to class the distraction of the phenomenon, because the child is not clear what is important or not important, probably because he is a very small thing, he even lost twenty cents a day, anxious and fearful. So parents should help children carefully.
To ensure that the child’s normal sleep time.
Actively cooperate with the teacher. In time to understand the child can not listen carefully in class, attention is focused, but also often contact with the teacher. If you find the problem quickly take measures to eliminate all kinds of interference, so that children can be happy in the classroom to listen to the teacher, because the teacher is to listen carefully in class is the fundamental way to improve the learning efficiency.
Inspired by not acting on their behalf. Some children because of age, fun, parents of some of its supervision is necessary, but should not overdo sth.. When children do their homework, parents can put forward the appropriate quality requirements, time requirements and pay attention to matters; in the process of writing assignments for children can be given to remind; after the completion of the re examination of the completion of the situation. But in the learning process of children’s parents, they can not take children to independent and quiet space.
Often encourage children to do things independently and not to be afraid of making mistakes. Have a mother, once let her daughter to use a tape recorder to develop independent learning ability. She believes that the advantages of using a tape recorder dictation, because the input dictation content is a time to focus on the opportunity to review, so that children can be used to make the children feel very competent, can increase the child’s learning interest. After the recording of the contents of the dictation to let the children put the book to the custody of the parents, but also allows the child to feel the parents’ attention to honesty, to cultivate children’s honest style.
Keep in touch with the teacher. Let the teacher know your child’s concerns, and work with you to keep continuity and consistency in order to maintain continuity with your measures and rewards.

Love is the perfect source of perfection.

Love is the perfect source of perfection.

Love is the perfect source of perfection.
There is no doubt that love is the first feature to learn good, and only love to learn to really active learning. The so-called interest is the best teacher, it is this truth.
Therefore, parents and teachers of the greatest charm, it is to guide children to love learning. Let the children love learning, learning is the foundation of life. However, let the parents heartache, many children do not love learning from the heart, and even weariness has become a common phenomenon.
As parents, how to solve this problem?
We need to see, if we want to make children happy, the best education is self education, and self education lies in the cultivation of good learning habits. Because of good learning habits can let the children experience the joy of learning, enjoy the fun of learning. There are four important learning habits, we need to pay special attention to: the class seriously listening, independent of the completion of the operation, careful preparation, careful review. Want to let the children love learning, music, learning, parents must pay attention to the child’s good learning habits.
I agree with such a few words: love is the source of all good, weariness is the root of all evil.
Children as long as the love of learning, there is hope, and love to learn from the children to experience the joy of learning, to be able to study for a long lasting. I suggest that parents and friends, Grandpa and grandma, grandma, Grandpa, you have to really want to let the children learn to maintain a relaxed environment. Is to say that the child as long as the biggest of the efforts of the party, the child’s learning attitude, learning habits, interest in learning is more important than the score. I believe that as long as the children have a good learning habits, as long as the love of learning will be able to develop, and we are studying the development of children’s personality, the cognitive need is love learning this is his most important, the most stable internal power. Smart parents, far sighted parents do not care about the child’s occasional gains and losses, but to encourage him to treat life, to develop their own interests, which will make your child can become a long-term struggle, and make unremitting efforts toward their own ideal goal.
How do parents make their children love learning?:
The importance of changing ideas, recognizing the importance of learning habits. Have a good study habits will have good results, but also is the most stable factor in good results. Because learning is a process, in this process by a lot of habits to support. Habit is a kind of stable behavior of people, it is the most important guarantee of learning. So we do parents have to pay special attention to the child’s learning habits, such as listening carefully in class; after school to finish the homework independently; serious preparation, careful review: writing sitting posture should be correct; to be clean; to take a variety of effective learning methods, including the use of a variety of modern tools, these are good habits.
To understand the child’s smart features. As parents should pay special attention to the intelligent characteristics of their children, some children say if his mathematical logic deviation, how to do? Can you give him through the tutorial, by Study hard to reach a certain level, for example, pass or a little better, but you can’t ask him to the top. Children in his strength of the subject, he can try to make him full of confidence, so that he can reach a good level. But his weakness should not overdo sth. as long as to work hard, good. We have a clear understanding of children, don’t make the unjust case, don’t force the child, otherwise the child hit confidence, may The loss outweighs the gain.. So the best way is to take Yangchangbuduan, parents should help children experience the joy of learning, let the children enjoy the fun of learning.
Teach children to take responsibility for their future. Parents in addition to the creation of a good environment to guide children to learn the joy of learning to help children get a sense of achievement in their learning, but also to tell their children, learning is not for their parents, not for teachers, but for their future development, their own future responsibilities.

Form a good environment, so that family and school environment to become a child to develop good habits of support

Form a good environment, so that family and school environment to become a child to develop good habits of support

Form a good environment, so that family and school environment to become a child to develop good habits of support
What is a good environment and atmosphere?
Beijing city primary school historians still speak the case. The students have good habits of civilization, has close relationship with the good school. This school for apricot is very short, the first grade students will be able to grasp the hand, but no one pick the apricot. Now a persimmon tree planting apricot. In autumn, the big red persimmon bending branches, no one picked. Is the students do not know how to eat persimmon? Obviously not, Beijing’s children know that persimmon is very good. They are not randomly picked because there is a sense of honor, you do not pick is a good student, I do not pick, I have to do a good job of students. Good family is a good family environment, good school spirit is a good campus environment. In the end, the harvest was picked, the lower grade students, one of the two people, a high grade.
In the summer of 2009, when I was travelling in England, I visited the Churchill estate. Churchill manor. The exact name for the “Blenheim Palace (Blenheim Palace). And is located in Oxford County, the town of Woodstock, for a British World War II era strongman Prime Minister Winston Churchill was born here, and was people habitually called “Churchill manor. , known as one of the most beautiful and elegant baroque palaces in England.
Churchill’s family is very prominent, roots can be traced back to the glorious ancestor John Churchill. John Churchill is brilliant, fighting bravely, for the first time to get the civilian identity. Duke of marlborough. The title, won the attention of Queen Anne. In August 13, 1704, John Churchill led coalition forces, a call in the European continent. Blenheim. In the first place, the first time to beat the non – II – sun. The army of King Louis Xiv, the French king, and the captain of the French army, Tirard (Tall.), was a shock to the whole of Europe. Therefore, Queen Anne reward. Duke of marlborough. 240000 pounds in the construction of the manor.
I have the deepest impression is that Winston Churchill left eight. Artificial residence, residential building. The reason why Churchill has become a strong and unyielding man and his life in a family of heroes is closely related. We develop children’s good habits need to pay attention, we must form a good environment, because the environment of people’s influence is huge. For example, can not curse, the child if the curse, the whole family will not ignore him, and this is a good environment.
One of the students home, you need to become a literary family family. When children in the study, parents do not play mahjong. Some parents. Squelch. Playing mahjong, said. Son, a good study ah, admitted to Beijing University, Tsinghua university. Can he get there?
For example, you at home watching TV, South Korean TV drama a set then the second set see, endless, see tears Lian Lian, you said. Son, don’t watch TV, you must study hard, do homework. Do you say that the child can concentrate on learning?
You know some children this time how to do?? you are watching TV, he doesn’t dare to come over, but he wants to see, he opened the door a moment, erect ears and sharp, with ears to listen to the television, the more tired ah! So man is the product of the environment, this time how to do?? children at home as you can watch TV, or children sleep you watching TV, children learn when you’d better not watch TV. You are an adult can not control their own, the child is still small, he is more resistant to the temptation to induce.
Develop a habit is not a simple thing, but this is not to say that the habit is not up, the key is your ideas and methods to not in place. Our study found that the cultivation of good habits is the focus of the cultivation of personal habits at the same time, focus on the cultivation of social habits at the same time, focus on the cultivation of the wisdom of the habit in the cultivation of traditional habits, while focusing on the cultivation of the times. I suggest that the early childhood focus on the cultivation of living habits, the primary school stage focus on the cultivation of moral character, the middle school stage focus on cultivating the wisdom of habits, in particular, to develop life has a goal and a plan to do things.
Obviously, the cultivation of the habit is a science. What is the principle of customary training is to respect the child, respect for the child’s master position. What is the goal of custom culture is to develop good habits to liberate the child’s brain, so that children from some of the lower, the shackles of their own bad habits, the liberation of. Let’s try not to dawdle, do not fail to keep faith, some vulgar things. To make the child’s life is very interesting, very meaningful.

Twenty-first Century is the two generation of people to learn from each other, the common development of the century, the process of culture is also the two generation of people to learn from each other, common development process. Some habits for children than adults formed early, upsetting environmental protection, we must learn from the children, parents and children grow up together. And good relationship is better than many education, parents and children, the relationship between the better and more conducive to the formation of children’s good habits, so that there is affinity, the affinity of their teachers.
Habit determines the destiny of the child, the core of education is to develop healthy personality, the most effective way to develop healthy personality is to start from the cultivation of behavior habits. We take the behavior of the habit of cultivating this fundamental, we have the most effective way to seize the family education, which is the most basic task of our family education. Let us remember that this is a famous family is a habit of school, parents are accustomed to teachers, children’s education is to develop good habits, we have a good habit to create a child’s health personality.

Timely assessment and appropriate praise, so that children

Timely assessment and appropriate praise, so that children develop good habits in the successful experience

Timely assessment and appropriate praise, so that children develop good habits in the successful experience
Have parents to the child said: “holiday, this holiday season you want to take your writing pen holding posture training, before the start of the I want to check them.”
I am afraid that this requirement is difficult to implement, children often do not live in their own, general requirements for them not to play a role. So parents should be the big plan is divided into many small plan, and in child or lead to complete row in a timely manner with him together with a summary of assessment have done well today, can reward stars; 7 days are little stars, can change 1 big stars and stars; won three big stars, you can get higher rewards, and so on.
In this way, the child will know whether he has made progress every day, and I look forward to the progress of tomorrow.
Beijing has a mother, son of the fifth grade, homework dawdling. Under the guidance of psychology experts, the mother began to take measures to cultivate the habit.
One day, mother to observe how the son in the end is how to write homework. Found his son write homework for an hour to stand up to, to open the refrigerator to see what is good, to turn on the TV is beginning to see animation yet, less than 10 minutes standing a turn two laps, so homework can not linger??
Mother then said to his son, you are a very clever boy, but just to give you a number, an hour you stand up 7 back, is not too much. Look, you’re writing an hour’s work station 3. Son one Leng, the mother is very tolerant, said 3 back to 3. Mother continues to say, if you do not stand up for an hour or more than 3 back, the same day, the night of the cartoon. Son listened to the joy of the. Mom said, first do not be happy, there will be a penalty, if you do not have an hour to write operations more than 3 back, the night of the TV can not see, including cartoons.
Mother and child agreement reached
The result is 5 days down, the son has 3 days to do, write a job one hour stand up no more than 3 back, so happy to see the cartoon. But two days to forget, not to do. One to 6 o’clock, the rest, because not to watch cartoons, how can I beg my mother do not let look.
Real education is self education, the real control is self control, the child is so slowly changed, an idea of an hour can only stand up 3 back, it will slowly control their own, and to see the animation in the evening to motivate themselves.
In this way, after 3 months of training, the child finally developed a good habit of writing homework, or a good habit to replace a bad habit.
I think this mother is a great mother. I from her successful experience, summed up the basic method of customary training – plus or minus, that is to say, to develop good habits with the addition, to correct bad habits with subtraction. You want to let the child develop what kind of good habits, they do everything possible to guide him to the good behavior continue to repeat, repeat the more, good habits more firmly. We can learn from this practice, is to give the child a acceptable process, so that they slowly get rid of bad habits.
Minus the child’s bad habits by hand, like drug addiction. One year, when I went to Amsterdam to visit, I found some shops selling drugs on the street. I wonder how the whole world is in the anti drug, how do you sell drugs?. We are sold to some of the drug, he suddenly quit, we allow them to trace drugs, with a certificate, you can buy a little, so that he can gradually reduce the amount of drug abuse, until quit. This is the law of diminishing.
I think this is very reasonable. Bad habits will and drug addiction almost must decline curve method is used to correct, that is to say, his bad behavior than the original number reduced, you can allow him to base his reward, a little, until success.


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