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Children, where are your interests?

Children, where are your interests?


This semester, I was also thinking and exploring the language class inprimary school effective teaching problem. How effective, I found in theawareness and learning, thinking and practice: preparation is the key.Preparing teaching materials and to correctly interpret the text, miningtext value to students, according to the students ‘ characteristics,reflecting the main position of students; to combine text and students,explaining, teaching objectives, dealing with problems, design ideas,arrange teaching, used teaching methods. So as to ensure the teaching of andideas effective, classroom questions effectively, design effective teachingand teaching methods used effectively. In addition, the class is extremelyimportant, emotional, explain, guide, teacher reviews are effective.Recently Lin of the great flood after the coach, a class, I had a newunderstanding of effective teaching.


In Lin Hong coach, beaten with a stick, two hours of teaching, has threepoints out of my expectation, it makes me wonder:


Teaching for the first section. Preparing for lessons I think: this section is the beginning of the story. The Lin Hong coach, beaten with a stick this text was the interception of the 8th back to rewrite some of the outlaws, this beginning is incomplete, leaving a lot of suspense, students will have a lot of questions. Intense curiosity pushes them to find books to read, you will understand the background to the story. So, for the teaching of the first I designed into two parts: 1, read a story, what questions are you? 2And who can answer these questions? I am very happy with this design: questions from the students, and then returned to the students to, this is the subject position of students into full play, let the students masters of learning. Class, the students are interested in first, as I thought the issues raised: why Gao Taiwei to frame Lin Chong? How to frame Lin Chong? Was exiled to Cangzhou, why the two police escort to Lin wood into it? “Who can answer these questions? “Sure enough, some people read the books, there are a few hands went up, some answers why Gao Taiwei to frame Lin Chong, said Gao Taiwei is how to frame Lin Chong, some people not satisfied with the introduction, added some. After all, only one of them vaguely said “why the two police escort to Lin wood into the village? “Limited time of 40 minutes, I had to tell a smaller story telling them the answer to this question. In a few minutes, the classroom was silent, eyes bright, each bunch of eyes focused on my mouth opening and closing. I did not expect, they should listen to so with relish, in high spirits. Outlaws of the Marsh is their must read, they read the books, know that! What is like the first time, there is so much interest? Strange?


Feeling “big boss” and “Lin” these two characters. I read the text, taking into account two aspects: 1) Lin is the protagonist, coach hung is a supporting role, emphasis should be placed on “Lin” mastery of it. These two characters in sharp contrast, comparison with the coach hung a negative image can express a “Lin” and Lin’s image perception and understanding of “big boss” experience. 2) outlaws this novel’s biggest success is that the shape of the characters personality, vivid, accurate, concise language. Lin Hong coach, beating the story fully embodies these characteristics through description depicts the characters of the language, action, and this is student work very good models it can effectively read and write with. Thus, understanding reading me first class recognition of English words, “big boss”, and the second class awareness “Lin” or law practice. Feeling to two characters, design the same three steps: 1, drawn description of flood coach (Lin) statement. A reading, marking their feelings. 2, Exchange: you see it in these words hung coach (Lin) is a kind of person? 3, For students to understand key words camera coaching and guiding experience. Student exchanges for “big boss” when heated and scrambling detailed analysis and attribution of refined accurate, reading musical, performing perfectly, fully aware of the “big boss” features: rude, self-righteous, arrogant, conceited, narrow-minded, and aggressive. (All from the mouth of students), and guided my preset some timely inspiration links and questions have become redundant, many of them do not come in handy, a lesson somehow relaxed and happy after the students have fun. With first class of “big boss” of experience and achievements, I confidently expect: Lin this hero, 800,000 Tokyo garrison Manager, that sound alone wit, strength, such as martial arts, agility and skill does not know how many “fans”, and in the hearts of the students, eyes, mouth still does not know how exciting is it? I rushed into the classroom, contrary to what I expected, all calm, “big boss” when passion, spirit, wisdom is greatly reduced. I keep motivating, coaching, and also achieved the expected goals met Lin, way to learn writing, read and write with the writing, but from a class effect, “Lin” is lost to “big boss”. I did not expect, student interest than treatment of flood coach Lin! If you design such a title: Lin and hung head coach, who is your favorite? Sure to get full answer in unison: Lin. Answers to why the classroom is very different then? Strange?


AC: you describe “Lin” in these words, see Lin is what kind of people? According to usually of training and always similar link of teaching experience, I without to think: we class of students certainly will by text described of has order step Exchange sentiment, from “met” see courtesy has ceremony, to “contest prepared” see modest patient, again to “began contest” see wit smart, last to “contest Shi” see calm wit, and martial arts high strength, and live. With this understanding, I design step by step coaching questions, organized links, courseware. Into the classroom, issues a throw, “Swish, Swish, Swish” put up a lot of little hands. I thought: the first students had to take a lead role model, don’t let them say biased, said. Put up little hands after visiting the round quickly, I have chosen to speak extremely organized, expressing full fluency in Tan Hao students to talk about it. He stood up, and you’ll find the first sentence to say a bunch of blah blah, it’s wonderful. I am very pleased, the child didn’t read wrong, he will live up to expectations. Look him up, I was about to praise him heavily, but I haven’t exported, he also talked with rattle. My God! He said the last sentence “Lin although he is aggressive, but the pace has, then swung great sweep, that great sweep directly on his leg bone. “On, and say more logically. Although a bit unexpected, but I was calm, his timely recognition and inspiration on the first “Lin wonder workhand said his coach, presumably master of Chai da people, quickly stand up and bend the salute. “And guided the other students to supplement exchanges. I believe that with this guideAnd suggested that students behind when you come to exchange experience on the following sentence, with good habits they will step on the second, third … … A classmate stood up, I am filled with anticipation, waiting for him to say the second, “I also see Lin is a martial arts man…….” Oh, he also said one of the last to go, well, what should I do, I’m a little anxious: limited time 40 minutes, how to order, any say, and so on, back links link up. “This is the last we will say it again, right in front of first! “In desperation, I simply make the request. A classmate stood up again, “I think Lin is a smart man, I” Lin see him…… “Oh, is the last one. “Tell me something about the preceding sentence? “My heart panicked to find a clever classmates,” Lin was very kind, flood and coach for him as a vicious, he gently sweeps his……. ” I was completely disappointed, forced to produce the second-“Lin said: ‘ dare, dare. ’”。 Pull back their experience. I did not expect they would break, and even harder to believe usually trained, smart smart they should to understand tips, requests, and “single-minded” persistence phenomenon. Strange?


After class, I think these three strange problems, suddenly discovered thatall doubts that there is only one solution interesting.


First doubts I picked up their hands must be read by the children’s versionof water margin, turns to eighth, came: original children’s version arecompressed Whittle, Lin Hong boss only a brief passage, beaten with a stick,why the two police escort to Lin wood into this episode was removed. In addition to one or two children read the original work, that no one knowstwo of police escorting Lin Chong to the wood into reason. Children fromtheir answers could not be found in the book, piled up curiosity arousedstrong interest, all hopes are pinned on me, but whichever way I describedthe episode, they would cheerfully listened. Because of that there is nodoubt the answer is their point of interest.


The second doubt, I reflected to the teachers of the same grade group, did not expect the child heart have four class, has the same situation thebig boss. All analysis, reached these conclusions: 1) Hung boss more clearand direct, individual characteristics at a glance, students can easilycomprehend and grasp, view confident about yourself, communicate withothers, feel desire. 2) Hung boss flawed, despised for his children,children consciously standing in a highly revealing him, accusing him,mocking it, there is a sense of achievement, self-confidence, so to speaklogically. It turned out that children were big boss interested in theclassroom warm, fluent and smooth, the results are obvious, not fail to make a distinction between right and wrong is like, but because it bringsconfidence about the success of their points of interest.


Third confusion in the class, I‘ll answer. Awesome is the main contenttext, described as excellent, while only three rounds, but fighting actionand vivid and accurate, in back and forth moves, coach hung and Lin formed asharp contrast: an aggressive, a buckled, a rash, a wit, a martial arts, anunsuspecting is really wonderful. Lively children will naturally becaptivated, so single-minded on thinking about it, while other segments,straight, not pull back, such delocalised phenomenon, not just because thiswonderful is their interest in the text some?.


Children, ye points of interest in these places! Points of interest you somuch, your interest is easily excited, just find your point of interest, andyou communicate together, talk, study them, you can then easily releasesyour enthusiasm and wisdom! Teacher will bring so many surprises and happy!Will make the class fun! This is not effective teaching?


Einstein said: interest is the best teacher. Shakespeare said, must be inline with their own interests, stand to benefit. Professor Yang Chen-Ningsaid: the secret of success lies in interest. Yes, when the child‘sinterest was aroused, and what not, what good is it? Points of interestfound students, arousing students ‘ interest in learning, which will beeffective in the classroom! Visible, said effective teaching, the first thing to do is to stimulate students ‘ interest!


Dewey said: the interest is growing ability of signal and symbol. ……Interest first appeared around the ability. Therefore, regular and carefulobservation of the child‘s interest, education is the most important. Letus listen to these statements at all times and in all, in reading the text,teaching every aspect of design, teaching methods, the implementation ofsome of their own teaching when ideas, ask yourself: my child, where areyour points of interest? Our classroom must be vibrant, fascinated. Must bevalid!


Ask yourself: my child, your interest there?

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