Love to learn is better than good.

Cultivate good habits of autonomous learning

Listening carefully is the first habit to learn.

Listening carefully is the first habit to learn.

Listening carefully is the first habit to learn.
According to legend, in ancient times, there was a painter, like a tiger. Once, he had painted a tiger, a friend asked him to draw a horse painter along the stroke of a pen in the head below add a horse. My friend asked him: “you draw the horse or the tiger?” the artist replied: “what, it is careless!” your friend is angry and go.
The painter hung the picture on the wall. His older child asked, “what is the picture of a father,” the artist replied, “it’s a horse.”.”
Two the child also asked him, the painter and casually replied: “it is a tiger.”
Two children then careless. One day, the big boy met a tiger, thought it was a horse, want to ride it, the result is a tiger eat; second, hit a horse, but thought it is a tiger, pull the bow will be shot dead. So, people will give artists a nickname of “careless mr.”. That is the origin of the word.
“Modern Chinese Dictionary” is such an explanation of careless: sloppy, elaborate: careless careless. In our life, “sloppy” is almost all aspects of social life. The problem of learning and careless is a common and easily overlooked problem in children’s learning and life. It is a problem that many parents and children need to solve, but they do not know how to solve it.
Some parents think that careless is wrong, as long as the child is clever, careless is a $, not what big problem, after the attention you can easily correct. But that is not the case.
In the class, the child “sloppy” performance is:
Look around, do not pay attention to the teacher, the teacher will not be absent-minded; about the contents of interest; distraction, eat hand, inattention etc..
The children in the class teacher’s experience, but also understand clearly, so that the performance of children’s learning and want to destroy the link, affect children the understanding of knowledge, but also affect the formation of children’s good psychological quality. Children in class if you can not seriously listen, but “careless” treatment, may be a direct consequence of the study is also sloppy”.
According to my observation, I feel that the differentiation of students, that is, the child is divided into learning and learning is not good, is in the classroom differentiation. Some children sit in the classroom, but in the heart in the Han, look around, do not know what the teacher make blind and disorderly conjectures, and such students will gradually decline; some students very focused, always follow the teacher, he is very easy to be a good student, outstanding achievement. So seriously listening to lectures in class is a good first step, the first habit.
Generally speaking, the teacher arranged regularly, to review the last lesson, again a new lesson, finally homework. Primary school teachers teaching content, teaching methods, is based on the characteristics of children’s age, psychological development, in accordance with the requirements of the national Ministry of education syllabus requirements to prepare. The teacher speaks slowly, the problem, especially the new curriculum content, will be repeated, repeated practice. If the child can not seriously listen in class, the teacher said the new class did not hear, understand, home and write homework will appear to do not understand, will not or do wrong. When the attention is not focused on the problem if you can not find in time, directly affect the child’s mastery of new knowledge.

“Yangcheng Evening News” published a message, I feel very interesting. A farmer trained two children into college students. The farmer ‘s culture is very low, what is he using? He said to the child: “you go to school I envy you, you go back to school, teach me, I follow you.” The farmer work, the children come back, dutifully followed the two children learning. The child has a characteristic, especially when the teacher is willing to give parents to be a good teacher, he is this, he will be good to learn ah! A lot of things just started not understand, insist for a long time, the two children develop a good habit of listening, excellent performance and stable, successfully admitted to the university.
According to our years of research found that in fact, the child is not able to listen carefully in class, often not in the study. For example, the child did not sleep well, he was restless; some children with poor relations, the old fear of the lesson who will bully him; or some children who are thinking of yesterday’s TV, or just seen the wonderful film; as well as the children may be thinking about the bag containing the novel: even some children, is a physiological problem, for example, some boys he does not solve the problem, often in the school where he can not sit, uncomfortable. So the child can not listen to the lecture in class may have a variety of reasons. I hope that parents can have a clear understanding, in order to ensure that children in class seriously listening, we need to give the child a certain requirement, provide some help. My suggestion is:
Help children to eliminate all kinds of interference. This requires that we adults to the children more care, to develop his good habits, to be full of energy, to maintain a good state. More in the lower grades more prone to class the distraction of the phenomenon, because the child is not clear what is important or not important, probably because he is a very small thing, he even lost twenty cents a day, anxious and fearful. So parents should help children carefully.
To ensure that the child’s normal sleep time.
Actively cooperate with the teacher. In time to understand the child can not listen carefully in class, attention is focused, but also often contact with the teacher. If you find the problem quickly take measures to eliminate all kinds of interference, so that children can be happy in the classroom to listen to the teacher, because the teacher is to listen carefully in class is the fundamental way to improve the learning efficiency.
Inspired by not acting on their behalf. Some children because of age, fun, parents of some of its supervision is necessary, but should not overdo sth.. When children do their homework, parents can put forward the appropriate quality requirements, time requirements and pay attention to matters; in the process of writing assignments for children can be given to remind; after the completion of the re examination of the completion of the situation. But in the learning process of children’s parents, they can not take children to independent and quiet space.
Often encourage children to do things independently and not to be afraid of making mistakes. Have a mother, once let her daughter to use a tape recorder to develop independent learning ability. She believes that the advantages of using a tape recorder dictation, because the input dictation content is a time to focus on the opportunity to review, so that children can be used to make the children feel very competent, can increase the child’s learning interest. After the recording of the contents of the dictation to let the children put the book to the custody of the parents, but also allows the child to feel the parents’ attention to honesty, to cultivate children’s honest style.
Keep in touch with the teacher. Let the teacher know your child’s concerns, and work with you to keep continuity and consistency in order to maintain continuity with your measures and rewards.

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