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Cultivate good habits of autonomous learning

Love learn children

Love learn children


Joe fell in love with back of Tang poetry, listen to my father every day tomemorize Tang. Dad‘s poems should be more, but they say it has been hollowedout. I was with her when she got back, and I can think of is perhaps theprimary school textbooks that appeared on Joe only likes the home book,others do not want to hear. Dad back, qilv, seven-syllable quatrains,she would have listened enough. Every night before I go to bed, my dad readthe dry mouth and sore arms because not only back, write with your index finger on the back. Generally me sleeping with her, when I put my poems areback again after she requested a substitution.


Interest is the best teacher, interested in learning is fast, say one or two, she remembered about it. Now ready to intentionally mix with different verses says, and mix very wide of the mark, and then laughed. For example,they sing, they drain their cups of jade, they strum on horseback their guitars. Drop 3,000 feet, ringing for me, here in my boat, the midnight Bell, Joe’s dad and I laughed until tears came out, she was very proud.


I drink coffee, Joe connect should be courtyards between the teeth marks ofmosses, small buttons too gaudy for a long time not open is probablythought of the gate. And then explained, my father is too gaudy, I was alittle button.
I bought mushrooms, she‘s going to have to eat. I say eat toxic mushrooms,Joe went on to say, an old man fishing in the cold River-snow. Sittingacross the six Princes Park to see the Moon, we asked Qiao Yueliang likewhat Joe said without thinking, Moonlight water. Time long has, I also gradually die through they Alex both of password has, original “Sun song” is looked Lushan falls, and “stars song” is Untitled, last night stars last night wind, and “Moon song” is River floor sense old, and “Lai Chi Kok song” is sushi of Huizhou a must, and “orioles song” is chuzhou West Jian……Listen girl mouth to say these terms are extremely fun.
Sometimes she would take the initiative to put together two similar poem,Joe‘s father said the boy is too suitable for comparative literaturestudies. Like people don’t know where to go, she thought, why not askwith a smile where they come from, ? Perhaps is due to concentratedreciting, listening to you can feel out the ropes. The tomb is Tomb Sweeping Festival have rain, Joe immediately thought of some of theapricot season every rain. The title of Chengnan village of being Daddychanged its name to the song of the peach, listen to Wang LUN and the Daliwhen Joe says this is a peach blossom song of the Peach. Walking down thestreet, Joe often slip out of nowhere is in a foreign land, and then sayin the Bank‘s Lan Ling wine and wine is different from the liangzhou Word,asked her where different, Joe White said the former, which is red, nose andeye.
Remember these simple verses, we didn’t seriously, but I feel this is mytool, but walking down the street the other day, Joe riding on the fathersuddenly shouted, chaowen Wanderer sing song, early frost last nightcrossing. And the crying of the Wildgeese grieves my sad heart, bounded by agloom of cloudy mountains. I don’t understand, Dad surprised from ear toear, because the father said up to read the poem three times, didn’t thinkshe had in mind. So, Joe Daddy on the subject from the song back to thesending of weiwanzhijing, Joe was soon corrected.


Recently though there is no law, but basically kept the habit of reading.Every day before going to bed, no matter how much sleep late, are holding abook and read a few pages, I sometimes sleepy, you just read five or sixwords, she can accept. Hit once in a while to bed early, when I would readto her for about 20 minutes. Keen to read the color baby story these days,with some stories that I‘ve never read, she can read them, understandindividual words in the Middle, I remind you can read, it seems really knowa lot of Chinese characters.
And they have different is that used to like listening to a story over and over again, whether now memorize Tang, or listen to the story, don’t repeatit. I just opened the book, when she saw the problem, he said this has readmy mother read to me a new story.


Dad wanted to count it, Qiao Hui back how many poems, muttering in papersget on with it. Joe remind dad, there are juvenile upstairs listening tothe rain song, Daddy you quickly write it down.


Joe‘s passion for qiaohu discs plummeted, although every time I see also isvery happy, but rarely spoke of has to be seen. Likely to attract her toomuch, take a bunch of dishes. But busy when not open, I will take theinitiative to use a computer disc to show her dad sometimes get her someonline cartoon videos for a while. She recently read a few animated filmAladdin, are bilingual. Friends found him one day listening to Joe Grandmabless me, bless my dad, bless Mommy and so on, we both feel so strange,that children are talking about it, we didn’t say Yes. Asked where shesounds, she says is Aladdin.
Our bookstore the other day, Joe, pointing to the lights on the ceiling, Joesuddenly, OLD LAMP AND NEW LAMP”, asked what she said, she cried out oldlights for new lamps, Aladdin is saying. Sometimes she tells me, Aladdin‘smagic, how really ought to look at with her a rain check, or have nothing incommon.


Tell her what seaweed and bread in Korean said, when it was two things toeat, she is, this is the Nori, said KIM. This is the bread, can also besaid that bread or bang (Korean pronunciation).


I love to learn, actually I should say curiosity. Her love for Aladdin, andperhaps no different from love of blowing bubbles. Her fascination with theTang dynasty, perhaps just and love rocking cradles or smart staring areason. But I thought that blowing bubbles is fun, is learning to memorizeTang said English, in her own opinion, maybe just a fun game.

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